Nashawtuc Country Club
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Hole: 6 Par 4

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Red 344 4 13
Chairman 344 4 13
Member 332 4 13
Forward 322 4 13
Ladies Gold 322 4 3
Ladies Green 233 4 3
Forward Gold 185 4 3
Forward Blue 140 4 3

This short par 4 invites birdies - if you can hit a straight drive and steer clear of a few danger zones.
How to Play It:
The biggest hurdle may be the fairway's width - it gets tight 200 yards out. At that point you have the additional concerns of a bunker, some out-of-bounds pines on the left, and a grouping of potentially troublesome trees on the right. Even if you split the fairway with your drive, you're not out of the woods, so to speak. Your approach has to be dead-on because of the two bunkers that leave a narrow fairway-to-green passageway.
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