Nashawtuc Country Club
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Hole: 5 Par 4

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Red 381 4 9
Chairman 381 4 9
Member 365 4 9
Forward 355 4 9
Ladies Gold 355 4 9
Ladies Green 261 4 9
Forward Gold 212 4 9
Forward Blue 115 4 9

Now the course gets fun.
How to Play It:
This short, tricky dogleg right requires a careful tee shot. Big hitters will try to go over the willow tree at the turn of the dogleg, but that long amoeboid trap past the tree, so obvious in an overhead view, is hidden from sight off the tee, and some real junk awaits those who overshoot the fairway. A lot of players won't use a driver; a three or four wood off the tee still leaves a short iron to the green. It's a firm green but watch the water down the hill behind. A reasonable birdie opportunity.
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